Training & Nutrition eBook

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Training & Nutrition eBook

Training & Nutrition eBook


I am so proud to finally release my complete guide to achieving the physique of your dreams.

This is not your typical “get shredded in 14 days” book filled with temporary short term solutions. This book is your complete guide to putting together your very own training and nutrition plan with evidence based, scientifically backed, no nonsense protocols. There is no time limit in the title as the advice given isn’t just for 30 days or a set amount of time, the information in this book covers everything you need to know to keep you progressing throughout your whole fitness journey.

The advice covered in this book is suitable for those just starting out in the gym right through to to those in the advanced stages of their training career, they are the same protocols that I use myself to this day. The main focus of the content is fat loss whilst building or maintaining muscle to ensure optimal body composition.

I have nothing to hide and am proud of the information you will be receiving, so to show you exactly what you are in for please find enclosed the chapters of the book and what you will learn, I go into the science behind every topic listed and break it down into easy to understand terms:

1. Foreword

2. Setting Up Your Diet Plan

3. Calculating Calories / Macronutrients

4. Low Fat or Low Carb ?

5. How To Track Macronutrients

6. Measuring Your Progress

7. Build Your Own Meal Plan

8. An Intro To Flexible Dieting

9. Is A Carb A Carb ?

10. Breaking Through Fat Loss Plateaus

11. What About Micronutrients And Fibre ?

12. The Importance Of Hydration

13. Sleep, Stress and Recovery

14. Nutrient Timing

15. Meal Frequency

16. Intermittent Fasting

17. Carb Backloading

18. Refeeds / Carb Cycling

19. Diet Breaks

20. Cheat Meals / Untracked Meals

21. Pre/Post/Intra Workout Nutrition

22. Supplementation - All You Need To Know

23. Incorporating Social Events / Alcohol

24. The Key To Abs

25. Final Words


1. Enjoying The Process

2. Progressive Overload

3. Frequency, Volume, Intensity

4. Breaking Through Plateaus

5. Auto regulation

6. Deloads

7. Rest Times

8. Sample Training Plans

- 3 Day Split

- 4 Day Split

- 5 Day Split

- 6 Day Splits


10. HIIT Protocols

11. Final Words


I am confident you are going to love this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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